charcoal water filter

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Clear, pure, and delicious – exactly as nature intended.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal method, use this charcoal to naturally soften and remove contaminants, impurities, and chlorine from your drinking water. Simply place it in any bottle of tap water and experience the improvement in taste in as little as one hour.

Feel good about your environmental impact by reducing the amount of purchased bottled water, knowing that the charcoal in this product is sustainably sourced from fast-growing trees in minimal-impact protected woodlands in Laos.

Caring for your planet, your health, and your hydration.

size may vary
15mm - 28mm diameter
maximum length 118mm
Made from natural wood sticks
recommended 1 per jug
dense material, take care dropping into glass
3 months, if using every day in an 800ml bottle. Afterwards, boil for 10 minutes to ‘recharge’ the charcoal to use for another 3 months.