Essential Alignment Band

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Designed in partnership with trainer Naomi Zahler and Paria Mirazimi of Athletix Academy, The Essential Alignment Band is a versatile prop that acts as both a yoga strap and a resistance band. It can be used in any style of practice, from vigorous vinyasa to restorative, Yin, meditation, or yoga therapy.

Meet the women behind Halfmoon and Athletix Academy as they discuss the inspiration behind our innovative new Essential Alignment Band.

The Essential Alignment Band's exclusive design features loops of various sizes to suit a diverse array of bodies and movements. It offers more freedom of motion than a traditional yoga strap, while still helping to challenge mobility and support posture and alignment. It also adds resistance to help yogis build body awareness and strengthen the necessary posture muscles to support them in their practice.

How to Use the Essential Alignment Bands to Deepen Your Practice:


  • A hybrid yoga strap and resistance band—perfect for travel or small spaces

  • Offers joint-friendly resistance

  • Generously sized at 7’ long

  • Essential Alignment Band large and small loops enable a variety of movement options

  • Durable, yet soft on skin


  • 84" x 2" (213 cm x 5 cm)

  • 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)

  • 60% Cotton 40%/Rubber Thread

  • Made in China


  • Hand wash, hang to dry, keep out of direct sunlight