The B MAT Luxe

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The B MAT Luxe is designed for stability, comfort and beauty. Specifically made to offer less grip than our standard B MAT, the B MAT Luxe is optimal for transitioning during practice. Its elevated vegan leather surface is complemented by the soft cushioning of the natural rubber base, which can also be practiced on.


  • Designed for stability, comfort and beauty

  • Less grip than our standard B Mat

  • Vegan leather

  • Natural rubber

  • Made of natural, biodegradable materials that can be recycled


  • 72" x 24"

  • 5.1 lbs

  • 4mm thickness

  • Top: 100% polyurethane

  • Bottom: 100% natural rubber 

  • Made in China 


  • Clean the mat gently with water and mild detergent and rinse clean

  • Wipe dry, lay flat and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight with the coloured side facing up 

  • Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives as this can compromise the integrity of the mat surface

  • Allow the mat to dry completely before use

  • Pre or post practice, roll your mat with the coloured side facing out as this will help maintain your mat?s grippiness

  • Avoid heavy sliding or movements that cause friction, as this may lead to the surface breaking down quicker


  •  Body oils may leave ?beauty marks? on the mat surface, but should dissipate with use and time.