joy bracelet

hand made in Toronto

Joy - Embrace the blissful state of internal happiness.

May the white turquoise protect your positive energies and help you find a sense of calm. Rose quartz, the stone of love, opens the heart to all forms of loving expression like joy, harmony, and compassion. Find stability and balance from the white agate and a positivity and happiness from the opalite.

Feel the spirit lift and lighten as you fill the heartspace with love, and mind with positive thoughts. Finished with a wish tassel – this will, at some point, naturally fall off, and when doing so, bring good luck and positivity to the wearer. Stack with our other bracelets and build a set that is custom and personal to you.

Everyday may not be joyful, but there can be joy in everyday.

14k plated and nickel free, crystals
We do not not recommend submerging or wearing your pieces in the water. Getting wet from hand washing or dancing in the rain is ok! To prolong the life of our pieces, avoid creams, sunscreens etc. directly on the crystals or cord.