linen rectangular bolster collab

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made in Canada
seasonally inspired
easy carry handle
removable cover

Developed in collaboration with local Canadian artist, Paige Jung. Inspired by the healing power of ginkgo leaves, a beautiful representation of longevity, endurance, hope, and peace.

Lie back, open up, stretch out, sit tall, but most importantly, relax.

A generous size with a broad surface area allows this firm and comfortable rectangular bolster to support you in endless ways. Made with 100% linen, a premium, timeless, and earth-friendly fabrication. The low levels of water required to grow the flax plants and create the fibers of linen, make this an eco-friendly option that also exudes a natural and artisanal aesthetic. Soft to the touch, your linen cushion will get softer with every wash.

Embrace movement and discover the versatility of our bolster. Slide it under your sacrum for support in a bridge pose, run it vertically along your spine to open your chest and shoulders, or place it horizontally for a supported upper backbend. During meditation, straddle the bolster and feel your spine lengthen as it elevates your seat.

Fall in love with the art of relaxation.

Cover: 100% Linen, Casing: 100% Cotton, Filling: 96% Cotton 3% Polyester 1% Foam fill

5" x 10" x 24"

Colour may vary
Remove cover. Machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Do not bleach.