linen round meditation cushion collab

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made in Canada
seasonally inspired
easy carry handle
removable cover

Developed in collaboration with local Canadian artist, Paige Jung. Inspired by the healing power of ginkgo leaves, a beautiful representation of longevity, endurance, hope, and peace.

Tried and true, a classic shape for any mindfulness seeker.

The most traditional of shapes, the round meditation cushion is a simple classic that has stood the test of time. The wide surface area of the shape combined with the moderate lift makes this prop ideal for those experiencing tight to neutral hips. The malleable buckwheat forms to your seat and lifts the hips up a moderate amount so that the angle of the hips can expand, and the knees can fall below the hips. This position takes the strain, discomfort, and distraction out of any long seated practice.

The 100% linen cover is a premium, timeless, and earth-friendly fabric. The low levels of water required to grow the flax plants and create the fibers of linen make this an eco-friendly option that also adorns a natural and artisanal aesthetic. Soft to the touch, your linen cushion will get softer with every wash. Filled with buckwheat and designed with an easy carry handle, this traditional and classic cushion is highly acclaimed, functional, and convenient so you can take your meditation practice wherever life takes you next. Constructed with love just outside Vancouver, Canada, it serves as a highly aesthetic addition to your home or studio space. With over 35 years of experience, we take pride in creating mindful and long-lasting meditation cushions.

Simple, functional, beautiful, and proven effective. Traditional things stick around for a reason.

100% Linen, Filling: 100% Buckwheat hulls

5" x 18" x 18"

Colour may vary
Unzip cover and pour hulls into a bag. Machine wash cold the cover. Do not bleach. Hang to dry. Refill.