sand and sky necklace


Sand and Sky - Connect with the open vastness of sand and sky.

Grounded by earth tones emulating the sand, stones, and dry landscapes we find in nature, and complemented by cool hues emulating the sky, air, and water that surround us, this necklace embodies our connection to the earth and nature.

A mindful arrangement of beautiful stones is adjustable and stackable with our other necklaces. The stones include turquoise, sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, rose quartz, multicolor agate, angelite, peach moonstone, opalite, grey quartz, obsidian, goldstone, orange aventurine, green aventurine, and rhodochrosite. Each stone possesses individual properties and energies, and when combined, their sum becomes powerful and alluring.

May your powerful connection with nature and your surroundings bring you grounding, peace, and purpose.

14k plated and nickel free, crystals
We do not not recommend submerging or wearing your pieces in the water. Getting wet from hand washing or dancing in the rain is ok! To prolong the life of our pieces, avoid creams, sunscreens etc. directly on the crystals or cord.