the balance gift set

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Balance is not a static state, but a mindset that we intentionally strive to gravitate towards. This curated set is designed to help you achieve harmony between body, mind, and spirit for ultimate alignment.

Each set includes:

amethyst palm
Clear away stress and negativity so you can make room for balance, calm, and a deeper connection to one’s self with this purple-hued piece of the earth.

align roll-on
Center yourself with this balanced blend of uplifting citrus notes of lime and grapefruit, earthy spruce and hemlock spruce, and warm cardamom and coriander.

dune silk sleep mask
Feel rejuvenated after a good sleep using this oversized mask, designed to block out even more light and a smooth, silk touch.

2.5" x 5" x 7.5"
crystal - Cleaning amethyst is a straightforward process. Some gentle methods include: water and mild soap, a saltwater bath, and smudging. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on amethyst, as they can damage the stone. Some believe placing amethyst under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours can recharge and cleanse its energy. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight might fade its color, so it's advisable to use this method sparingly. Remember, these methods are for cleansing the energy or removing dirt from the surface of the amethyst. If it's part of jewelry, take care with the cleaning process to avoid damaging any metal settings or delicate structures.

sleep mask - Hand wash in cold water. Do not wring or twist. Dry Flat. Do not bleach. Do not Iron.

roll-on-Use: Apply diluted essential oil by rolling onto non-sensitive area and gently massage to release drops.