b, mat cork

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super grip

b, halfmoon: original creators of the B MAT—now with a new logo, always the same mat.

Featuring natural cork on top and natural rubber on the bottom, this duo allows you to grip, ground, and grow as you move and flow at home, in the studio, or at the gym. The superior grip is at its most optimal when dampened before or during practice.

Great for your practice and great for the planet, this mat is made from natural renewable resources on both the top and bottom, giving you confidence in knowing that even after a long and durable life, your yoga mat will biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle.

Good for your practice. Good for the planet.

71" x 26" x 0.2" (180.34 cm x 66 cm x 4 mm)

material: cork

5.1lbs (2.313kg)
Spray the mat with a natural yoga mat cleaner and allow to air dry with the mat laying out flat.

Best rolled with the logo facing up.