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high intensity

b, halfmoon: original creators of the B MAT—now with a new logo, always the same mat.

This thick, durable, supportive mat with recycled content is almost as tough as you are. Designed for dynamic and high-impact modalities, the 100% complex NBR foam with a bevelled edge and ribbed texture provide greater support and cushioning than standard yoga-style mats. Are you a big fan of comfort? This mat can also double as a super-soft and ultra-comfortable yoga or meditation mat.

Created for both indoor and outdoor use, you can have confidence that this mat will support you wherever your next workout takes you.

May your next workout be as strong, confident, and powerful as you are, along with your mat. And don't be fooled, this superior cushion is also highly coveted for restful practices too.

71” x 26” x 0.4" (180.3 x 66 cm x 10 mm)

3.9lbs (1.769kg)
Clean the mat gently with water and mild detergent and rinse clean. Wipe dry, lay flat and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.

Best rolled with the logo facing up.