cotton hot + cold therapy pillow collab

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natural organic material
therapeutic tool
hot or cold

Developed in collaboration with local Canadian artist, Paige Jung. Inspired by the healing power of ginkgo leaves, a beautiful representation of longevity, endurance, hope, and peace.

Sink into the space. Inhale the tranquility of lavender.

Simple, beautiful, and calming. Made of 100% cotton, this eye pillow is soft and gentle to the touch. A subtle weight and pressure provided by the wheatberry fill allows the facial muscles to relax, and eye strain or tension to dissipate.

Extra wide to ensure the blocking of all light and distractions, this heatable, lavender-scented tool will support your self-care and relaxation journey. Embrace all the benefits after a long day, during meditation, or before rest.

Close your eyes. Embrace the darkness. Breathe into the calm.

.75" x 6" x 18.5"
Cover: 100% Organic Cotton Casing: 100% Cotton Filling: 99% Wholegrain 1% Lavender
Remove cover. Machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Do not bleach.