Halfmoon - Intention Setting in a Busy World

intention setting in a busy world

Emily Sproule | Dec 21, 2015 | minute read

Our senses are being overloaded all the time. From our phones, to our televisions, to our computers, to our relationships, the barrage of stimulus can feel like we are caught up in the momentum of life without much direction.

The great news is that we can change how we feel.

Intention setting is a powerful practice that can help the day-to-day feel purposeful. Whether you call it meditation, mindfulness or taking some you-time, allowing the mind to let go and relax is the first step to discovering your most powerful motivators–your own instincts.

Step 1:
Start with five minutes. Resist doing the dishes. Call in a babysitter. Put your phone on airplane mode. Tell your loved ones that you are unavailable. Then, find a comfortable supported corner (or even a luxurious bath) where it’s just you and your breath.

Step 2:
Start with some shoulder rolls to let the impact of the day go. Close your eyes and sit quietly. Listen to your breath. If you find your mind wandering, silently count to four as you inhale and four as you exhale. Focus on that. Let your breath slow. Let your mind soften.

Step 3:
Once you feel relaxed you can ask yourself an open question. You may have come up with it ahead of time or you may let it surface as you relax in the moment. Pose any question, big or small.
“What would I like to change in my life?”

Step 4:
Maybe you find an answer:
“I would like to practice more kindness.”
Imagine that with each breath your intention is getting bigger. Let it grow. Over time you can let this practice of sitting with your intention get longer.

Step 5:
Write down your intention and look at it frequently. Let it mingle with your day. If your intention needs some extra support to succeed you can make a list of actions that will help your intention grow and thrive.

Perhaps you find an intention you can connect with. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, this precious time has huge benefits. Think of it as core work for your mind. You are nourishing your brain by letting it get quieter and think more clearly.

Intention setting is a journey and a practice. Enjoy the discoveries along the way.

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