Amy Rosoff Davis’s gift guide

amy rosoff davis’s gift guide

Amy Rosoff Davis | Nov 09, 2023 | minute read

Finding the perfect gift can be both thoughtful and rewarding. We spoke to celebrity trainer, health, and wellness coach Amy Rosoff Davis to find out what she’d gift to the people in her life to support their journey to a healthier, more balanced life.

for Sofia Richie—the one who loves Pilates

Sofia loves to exercise and has been getting very into Pilates. In my opinion, these are the 3 best pieces of equipment to have readily available at home for a great Pilates-inspired flow.  




for Nousha—the one who’s big on grounding

Nousha is in the skincare and wellness realm and is such a fan of my set from b, halfmoon. Also, she’s very big on practices that are centered around grounding, which I’ve found b, halfmoons roll-ons to help with. 

 linen zabuton cushion release roll-on


for Hannah Simone—the one who wants that extra burn

Hannah is looking to add extra burn with optimal comfort. These weights are my favorite because they are gentle on the body, don’t bruise the ankle bone, and enhance your workout in a low-impact way. 

 helix weights ankle weights


for Jamie Davis—the one who works a lot

My husband is the owner of Portola Paints, he tends to be stressed and very tense, so I’ve been walking him through some restorative moves with the cork roller since it’s so incredible for muscle and tension relief.

Natural Cork Massage Roller


for Lily Rabe—the one who needs a new mat

Lily has told me about how she doesn’t feel enough support from her current mat so I know the b, mat impact will be great for her.

 b, mat impact


for Angelique Cabral—the one who values ‘me’ time

Angelique is on the go a lot and values her “me” time, so this gift is a special one since she has wanted to up her self-care game and create a meditative practice in a dedicated space at home. I want this gift set to kick her off on her connecting more with self-journey. 

attract oil cotton crescent meditation cushion

sleep mask


Whether your friends and family are seasoned yogis, fitness fanatics, or looking for ways to ground, pause or regenerate, discover the perfect gift with b, halfmoon 


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