The Practice of Giving: Mindful Holiday Self-Care Tips

the practice of giving: mindful holiday self-care tips

Andrea Morris | Dec 21, 2022 | minute read

The holidays are a time for practicing giving—giving gifts, and giving our time and energy to plan and attend festive events. But sometimes, amongst all the giving, there’s a pressure to show our best merry smile and exude that holiday cheer—even if we’d rather just stay home and say, “Bah humbug!”

During times when the holidays bring more stress to your life than joy, it’s important to find the time to take care of our bodies and minds. After all, how are we supposed to show up for others when we aren’t our best selves? Here are a few ways we like to practice giving to ourselves to keep calm amongst all the tinsel and jiggling bells.


Give yourself time to sit quietly.

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, taking the time to stop, sit, and breathe can do wonders. It’s the perfect way to sit and reflect on everything you're grateful for. Or a great time to reset with a guided meditation.


Give yourself chances to play.

Presents to wrap. Feasts to prepare. Parties to attend. The season can feel more like one gigantic to-do list than a merry ‘ol time. Try to get back to that exciting feeling you had as a kid. Maybe that means building a snowman, making a cup of hot cocoa (adding triple the marshmallows), or singing along to our giving-inspiring playlist.


Give your body care.

This could look like getting a good night’s sleep, getting those endorphins flowing with exercise, or simply taking a walk outside. Even better, invite a friend to take that walk or spin class to strengthen both your body and connection.


Give into all your feelings.

Not feeling festive? Don’t force it. While lots of people feel absolutely blissful during this time, a lot of people feel sad, grief, stressed, and lonely. Let yourself sit with these feelings. Then do a little self-care, connect with a loved one, or cancel those plans if you’re not up for it.


Give yourself permission to be imperfect.

The pressure to keep family traditions alive, make a lavish Pinterest-worthy holiday dinner, or get the perfect picture with Santa without the kids screaming. There is this pressure to get it all right and when it doesn’t happen, we feel disappointed. So give yourself the biggest gift you can, let go of being perfect and embrace the present.

We know finding the time to take care of yourself during the holiday hecticness can be challenging. But just doing a few can make a big difference for your mental and physical health, so you can enjoy all the beautiful moments of the season.

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