crystals: a beginner’s guide

crystals: a beginner’s guide

Andrea Morris | Oct 27, 2023 | minute read

When exploring what has helped us stay balanced this year, we immediately think of crystals. Whether you’re familiar with crystal energy or are just starting on your crystal journey, there are many intentional ways to incorporate them into your wellness rituals and routines. 

Formed deep within the Earth, crystals hold energetic vibrations that are said to bring a sense of clarity and well-being. Aside from their holistic benefits, they can also serve as a powerful, beautiful and versatile addition to any space. 

We’re sharing some of our most popular crystals, along with everything you need to know before choosing the right one for your needs:.


Inviting balance and calm into your life, Amethyst is an elegant, purple-hued stone that clears stress and negativity. Its serene properties invite tranquility and relief to bring you soothing energy.

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Clear Quartz

Known for neutralizing and balancing your physical, emotional and spiritual planes, Clear Quartz is a colourless crystal that amplifies the properties of surrounding stones. It increases mental clarity, alertness and spiritual connectivity.  

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 Rose Quartz

Find openness to love others and yourself with this pink-hued stone that enhances the attraction to love and relationships. Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing, openness and forgiveness as it connects deeply to the heart chakra. 

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Enhancing your flow state, Selenite clears blockages to allow you to connect with a higher sense of self. This colourless mineral is known to increase your flow state while supporting you to feel grounded and calm. 

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Igniting motivation, vitality and bravery, carnelian is a bold, warm, reddish-orange stone that helps center the body and mind. This fiery crystal is all about motivation, allowing you to feel secure, safe and confident with newfound energy. To immerse in a sensory experience, recharge with one of our essential oil scents using a carnelian roller.

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Not only is the changing of seasons an impactful time to reflect on our wellness rituals, but it’s also an opportunity to weave in new practices. From emotional healing and strengthening your intuition to chakra balancing and enhancing your focus, each crystal has its unique benefits.

Whichever you choose, it’s important to remember that crystals are a personal practice that can be used in a way that resonates most with you. Whether you carry them, wear them, place them around your home or use them to set intentions, crystals are a simple, yet profound way to invite more balance into your life.  Explore all of our crystals here.

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