Changemaker Feature: Nya Daley

changemaker feature: nya daley

Andrea Morris | Aug 12, 2022 | minute read

Nya Daley is a yoga teacher, social worker and inspiration in the wellness + movement space. She is also the founder of SOULGA, a wellness collective that supports the growth & thriving of Black, Brown & Indigenous melanated (BBIMP) wellness professionals. Her goal with SOULGA is to transform the wellness industry by providing wellness experiences that are accessible and promote belongingness of all ethnicities, body types and genders. Read on to discover more about Nya.

What led you to start SOULGA?

  • Soulga was born in February of 2019. I had just completed my teacher training and wanted to host a yoga class for my family and friends to honor Black History Month. I decided to name the event Soulga because when I think of Black culture, soul is one of the first things that comes to mind. Our presence and essence can be felt wherever we go and I wanted to bring that vibe to the class.

What is your mission at SOULGA?

  • Soulga was initially created to provide a space for Black and Brown movers to experience the joy of yoga without feeling out of place. Over the past couple of years our mission has evolved and our focus is amplifying the platforms of racialized wellness professionals by providing them opportunities to develop their crafts and expand their networks.

    What are you doing at SOULGA to make wellness/meditation practices more accessible?

    • We are centering the voices of racialized wellness professionals and offering a wide range of classes, workshops and training that reflect the diverse perspectives and experiences found within our own communities. I never felt connected to or interested in meditation until I sat with another Black woman and saw and FELT myself reflected in the practice.

    What has been your own aha moment with meditation & movement practices?

    • That meditating and moving is much more enjoyable when I’m doing them with others, especially other Black and Brown people. For so long I believed that yoga & meditation was a personal practice and now my self-care practices are rooted in community.

    What shifts have you seen over the past few years around movement & meditation practice in the world?

    • I think the most obvious shift is the heightened awareness and acknowledgement that our wellness community has excluded and erased the voices of the global majority and other equity deserving groups. My presence in this industry is an act of revolution and I am motivated and inspired by other racialized wellness professionals out there doing their thing and thriving in spite of all we are up against.

    We hope you feel inspired and uplifted to chase your dreams and help the world move towards more inclusivity and positivity. Follow Nya on Instagram @daley_moves and SOULGA at @soulgayoga to stay up-to-date on all of the happenings.

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