Meditation for Anxiety with Connor Burns

meditation for anxiety with connor burns

Claire Lester | Nov 08, 2018 | minute read

This meditation creates a peaceful body awareness grounded in a simple, soothing breathing technique that can be practiced at any time in your day. Using our breath we discover the power to shift our focus from the always-busy thinking mind to the tranquil center of the heart. Find a quite, comfortable position and witness the oscillating flow of gratitude and wellness in this short 7 minute meditation.

Connor Burns' passion for self-inquiry finds a peaceful home in the unification of ancient teachings and new age science. Dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space for the individual to re-embrace the collective Soul is at the forefront of Connors commitment. In each breath we will move inward towards eternal love and together we discover the tranquil universe within and the stillness available with each moment.
Connor has certifications with Yoga Alliance, Moment Meditation™.
Connect with Connor through his website and instagram.

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