Yoga Before Bed with Rachel Scott

yoga before bed with rachel scott

Claire Lester | Oct 31, 2018 | minute read

Yoga before bed is known to kick start your relaxation process, allowing you to fall asleep more easily by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system. Follow this calming yoga sequence to quiet your mind, alleviate tension in your body and get yourself ready for a restful night's sleep.

1. Child’s pose
To release tension in your neck during child's pose, place a 4” Foam Block under your forehead.

2. Low lunge
A folded blanket (or chip foam block) is a great support for your back knee in low lunge.

3. Cat-cow
A blanket under your knees will give you extra cushioning should you need it. For an added wrist stretch, try flipping your hands and stretching your fingers towards your knees.

4. Hamstring stretch on back (2 minutes each side)
Use a strap around widest part of your foot and stretch each leg for 2 minutes. A thinly folded blanket is a nice option to support your head.

5. Thread the needle
Support your head with a thinly folded blanket so you can stay here for a while.

6. Legs Up The Wall
To use a bolster in this pose, position it a few inches away from the wall right under your sacrum. Alternatively, you could use a Chip Foam Block or 3 or 4” Foam Block.

7. Savasana
Place a Bolster lengthways at your mid back and cover yourself in a blanket to keep cosy. Put a Chip Foam Block under your hips if your back feels overly-arched and allow yourself to fully relax in this pose. Maybe even drift away into deep sleep.

Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott
A yogi, writer, and educational designer, Rachel loves helping others explore and express their passion and potential. As a designer, she helps studios and yoga teachers create their dream teacher trainings. As a writer and speaker, she continually wrestles with the juicy bits of life: relationships, anxiety, depression, and discovering meaning in this crazy, wildish world. Author: Wit and Wisdom from the Yoga Mat, Head Over Heels: A Yogi's Guide To Dating. E-RYT 500, YACEP, MFA, MSci. Meet her at

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