6 Ways to Use a Cotton Yoga Blanket

6 ways to use a cotton yoga blanket

Claire Lester | Jan 30, 2019 | minute read

Need a yoga practice on the go, but didn’t bring your full prop collection? No worries - we’ve got you covered with a series of restorative postures that need only a blanket for support. Follow along with this sequence, holding each posture anywhere between 3-10 minutes.

1. Legs-up-the-wall

The ultimate restorative posture. If you’re tired from a day of being on your feet, this is for you. Fold your blanket lengthwise, and place it against a wall, on top of your mat. Lie down on your back, and shuffle your hips up close to the wall, resting on the blanket for support. Swing your legs up to the wall and let your heels press against the support. Your knees may bend slightly. Feel the heaviness drop out of your feet, and breathe deeply.

2. Restorative hip opener

This gentle hip opener will help ease tension in your hip flexers and lower back. To support your knee joint on the floor, fold up a blanket to any thickness, and slide your knee onto the support of your cotton yoga blanket. Palms can stack under your forehead, or you can gaze to one side. Stay for an equal time on both sides of the body.

3. Child’s pose

For a pose that is supposed to be restful, Child’s pose or Balasana, can cause a lot of tension to the knees. Folding the blanket to bridge the gap between your hips and heels will let you settle deeper and more comfortably into the pose.

4. Spinal Twist

Take some pressure off your hips and make your twist a little gentler by placing a folded blanket between your knees. Turn your gaze away from your legs and relax into this pose. After a few minutes bring your knees back to centre, then switch sides.

5. Savasana

For lower-back support in your savasana, roll up your blanket and place it under your knees. Bring your feet a little wider than the hips and let your toes fall out to each side. Take your time to adjust your position, and rest for as long as you need.

6. Savasana II

When your body is deep in relaxation, you can definitely get chilly. The support and gentle weight of your cotton yoga blanket will provide some warmth and comfort at the end of any class.

Liv Law is a yoga and pilates teacher in Vancouver offering powerful, all-level classes. Follow her on Instagram @yogi_liv and her website livlawyoga.com!

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