Halfmoon - How to Intensify Your Practice with Props

how to intensify your practice with props

Emily Sproule | May 06, 2013 | minute read

Danielle from Love Light Yoga stopped by b, halfmoon to talk about her passion of Yin Yoga and using yoga props to intensity her practice.

We love that yoga props can meet you where you are and give you the support you need in your practice. Props will always be there for you when you need a lift, some support and stability.

But what about using props to intensify a pose? This was the question we we explored when Danielle came by the b, halfmoon office.

Danielle started yoga 10 years ago with severe back pain and very little mobility. She couldn’t touch her knees, let alone her toes. She has now been teaching Yin yoga for many years and now identifies as a “bendy yogi”.

While lots of us are waiting for our hamstrings to open up, Danielle is searching for inventive new ways to find that stretch using props.

One of Danielle’s favourite pose to intensify is Swan (Pigeon) Pose with a b, halfmoon Rectangular Bolster.


Another way she intensifies the stretch in her Yin practice is by lifting her ankles in Butterfly.


danielle-webDanielle Hoogenboom

Splitting her time between Vancouver BC, and Jamaica, Danielle Hoogenboom has extended her scope of practise to include ethically made clothing design, social and political advocacy, international retreats and trainings, and multi-media events designed to bring her message to the world. First and foremost, Danielle offers up her love of yin yoga and its ability to heal and perpetuate change, socially and spiritually as well as physically. Danielle loves sharing her many passions with her students, both at home and abroad, and seeks to share her message of spiritual strength through her unique blend of fierce gentleness.

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