Halfmoon - Target Muscles That Need It Most

target muscles that need it most

Emily Sproule | Feb 16, 2016 | minute read

Our bodies are amazing—for so many reasons. Try opening and closing your hand for a moment. Yep, those are your muscles working hard to help you move. Muscles and fascia (aka connective tissue) are a powerful duo to be admired. The reality is, you couldn't move independently without them. From sitting to standing to working out, your muscles keep you upright and charging forward in life.

It's no surprise then that hard working muscles get tired. They protest, they tighten, they ache, they knot up and they yell. That's when we recommend calling in for support, whether it be a trusted massage therapist or, more immediately, your favourite at-home deep release massage tool.

Here are four of our favourite ways to use Mini Massage Balls to isolate and target small muscle groups:

mini massage balls

1. Place a Mini Massage Ball between your back and the floor (a wall works too!). Position the ball right between your spine and your shoulder blade. You're welcome.

mini massage balls

2. Lean into a Mini Massage Ball to pinpoint those hard to get tight spots in your glutes and along your IT Band. Breathe through it.

mini massage balls

3. Roll a Mini Massage Ball to the centre of your foot, then to the edges and then your heel. Pause in the spots that feel really good. Oh yeah.

mini massage balls

4. Great one for the office. Roll a Mini Massage Ball gently around your neck and shoulders. Sweet, sweet release.

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