Halfmoon - Together We Are Stronger

together we are stronger

Emily Sproule | Mar 07, 2017 | minute read

This International Women's Day, we asked b, halfmoon Ambassador Helen Camisa to tell us what she loves about her community of women. As we strive for more equality in the world, it's important to recognize the amazing groups of women who are lifting each other up. Together we are stronger.

HelenBioPicHelen Camisa

A comedian, storyteller and Vancouver yoga teacher who teaches yoga to people with all body types across the city. Helen’s passion is helping people feel good in their own skin. A teacher since 2012, Helen loves to share yoga with anyone who expresses an interest, especially those, like herself, who might never have considered themselves yogis in this lifetime. Follow Helen on Facebook and Instagram for quirky and entertaining posts and to find out more about Helen or check out her teaching schedule go to helencamisa.com.

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