Harvest Moon Meditation with Kellie Paroginog

harvest moon meditation with kellie paroginog

Taelor Gray | Sep 13, 2019 | minute read

In this 30 minute meditation we are guided through a relaxing Yoga Nidra body meditation, followed by a Harvest Moon inspired visual meditation. The spiritual meaning behind the Harvest Moon is a cosmic reminder to release all that has been slowly building in the past months, in order to reset and start again. Are you ready to stand in your truth? The moon is asking us to assert ourselves, seeking balance and harmony as we move forward.

Throughout this meditation, we let go and start to cultivate new energy for the new season. We invite and accept transition and gain perspective, we notice what does no longer serve us and make room for what it is that we are truly seeking.


Kellie Paroginog - This meditation was created by yoga and meditation teacher, Kellie Paroginog of Vancouver, Canada. To Kellie, Yoga is a place to get quiet, be still and listen within, so that ultimately we can hear our hearts longing and connect to ourselves and then others. Kellie believes and lives from a place of togetherness, she feels that by sharing Yoga and meditation, we can unite and become one.

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