New Year, New Intentions

new year, new intentions

Claire Lester | Jan 04, 2019 | minute read

The beginning of the year offers us the a chance to leave elements of our old selves in the past and recreate our new selves with hope and confidence. Many people take this opportunity to resolve to eat healthier, save money or achieve their next career milestone. But, too often, stress and exhaustion take over as the weeks go by leading to frustration and disappointment.

In order to thrive, put aside goal setting and take a moment to focus on you. Reflect on how you want to show up for 2021 — your attitude, your attention, your integrity. How can you rise above the burnout epidemic and show up to life with your full self?

Here are four suggestions for creating a joyful, burnout-free 2021.

1. Say no to say yes to you
Every time we say yes to one thing, we’re saying no to something else. Often times, taking on that additional commitment leads to sacrificing our sleep or quality time with loved ones. But why is it that setting boundaries can be so hard? Most of the time it’s because we don’t want to disappoint others, but over time taking on commitments in this way will lead to stress and burnout. So, before you say yes to a new opportunity, check in with yourself. What is my true reason for saying yes? What am I saying no to by potentially saying yes to this? Then, make a decision.

2. Rejuvenate for full engagement
There’s no point in trying to trudge through a task when you don’t have the energy to do it effectively. When something could take one hour with laser focus, we instead drag on for fours hours with a scattered mind. So before starting the next thing check in. Am I fully present and energized? What do I need in order to rejuvenate my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies?

3. Practice tapping into your being
In a society that often seems like it prioritizes economic values more than human ones, we can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of to-do lists and notifications. So make it a practice to take a breath and enjoy the process. There’s no end goal. How can I slow down in my day to day? In what moments can I do nothing and just sit in full presence.

4. Don’t quit your daydream
Delight in doing things for the sake of enjoyment. Dance because you love it. Write because it FEELS GOOD. Don’t limit yourself to activities that lead to achievement, success, or economic value. Make time for and practice joy and creativity. What pursuit brings me joy? What activity makes me FEEL GOOD? Then give yourself permission to do what makes your heart sing.

Ji-Youn Kim
Ji-Youn is a self-care & performance coach and a wellness counsellor in-training. Through trauma-informed coaching, she helps ambitious individuals manage unpleasant emotions and optimize their energies through disciplined self-care. Find her online at or @itsjiyounkim on social media.

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